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icon What's SunnyVale?
a band mainly creates theme songs of video games, japanimations etc.
Music style is mainly techno pop, well-matching Japanimations!
Enjoy SunnyVale's sound here!!!

checkNew album released !
from shingu Special Charity Best "RISE AGAIN -We Are United-"


On Mar 11, 2011, a huge earthquake hit Japan. Many lives have been lost and still so many people are suffering from pain esecially with power plant disaster. We decided to compile a best album to make them encouraged. Eight remastered lively sound of SunnyVale and three new songs; "Rise Again", "Realize", and "Together".

Rise Again Jacket

==Track List==

All released songs are remaseterd especially for this album.

01. Rise Again
02. Realize
03. Together
04. Stream Your Dream
05. I'll be with You -Piano Club Remix-
06. Reality
07. Kaleidoscope -Version 2011-
08. Dreamy Train
09. Pray On-line
10. Itsumo Egao De
11. Oyasuminasai

checkSingle collection Vol.08 "KUJIRA-GUMO"
Available at CDBABY.

Evolved Japan pop song album featuring edgy and powerful sound with cute vocals.
Good mixture of electronic and power pop.

2010.10.31 Release

==Track List==

1. Whale Clouds
2. Another Sky
3. Fly into The Clouds
4. Circle of Love -Digital Dance Remix-
5. Dance to Lights -Hyper Trans Mix 2-
6. See You Again (Maybe Not) -Album Version-
7. Circle of Love -New Recording Version-

PARTY TIME -K-ON! Dance Remix-

2009/10/11 Release

SunnyVale presents a full vocal dance remix album of "K-on!" masterpieces!
All of the songs from TV sound track now remodeled as dance pop style.

==Track List==

1. Fuwa Fuwa Time (High School Dance Party Remix [album version])
2. Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Sky High Remix)
3. Fudepen Ballpen (Hang in There! Remix)
4. Watashi no Koi wa Hottikisu (PWL Style)
5. Let's Go (Dance X Rock Remix)

point Dance to Lights -HYPER TRANCE MIX- x GET YOUR LOVE

2009/10/11 Release


A single cut from "Girls in the House" with more trance flavor on.
Coupled with the brand new song , "GET YOUR LOVE".
This single is limited release only for M3 2009 fall.

==Track List==
01. Dance to Lights -HYPER TRANCE MIX-
03. Dance to Lights -HYPER TRANCE MIX- (TV-Edit)

Discography since 2006RECHARGE
point SunnyVale Remix Archive Vol.1 "RECHARGE"

==Concept for this album==

Hop! Step!! RECHARGE ... Jump!!!

"RECHARGE" is our first remix album.
Out of 10 tracks, 5 tracks are brand-new remixes of the most popular songs including a song written for a major doujin compilation album. Other tracks are rare remix tracks and difficult to get other ways.

This album is sold at and Now, it's available at Apple iTunes.

==Track List==

01. Tell Me Your Fantasy (Overclock Mix)
02. Harukaze Charge (RECHARGE Version)
03. Fundamental Love (Club House Remix)
04. Broken Wing (Extended)
05. Riding on the Wind (Hard Beat Remix)
06. Lovin' You (Happy Euro Mix)
07. Itsumo Egeo De (Happy Town Remix)
08. Feel the Wind (High Speed Mix)
09. Nagareru Omoi (Rain Forest Mix)
10. White Diamond (Earth Shake Mix 2)



Fundamental Love (Club House Remix)

Riding on the Wind (Hard Beat Remix)

White Diamond (Earth Shake Mix 2)
point SunnyVale Single Collection Vol.07 "Girls in the House"
Catchy, party, mighty, and indie.
SunnyVale's original production with full of high-energy girl pop!

==Track List== sample crossfade (2:41/mp3/2.4MB)
01 Invitation to the Party
02. Encounter (New Recording Version)
03. Dance to Lights
04. Vibe (More Rock)
05. Trampoline Rendezvous
06. I'll Be With You (Piano Club Remix)
07. Star Express
08. Girls' Wish (New Recording Version)
09. You Can Change

This album is sold through ! and Now, it's available at Apple iTunes.
ESCAPE! point ESCAPE! -A Tribute to80's & 90's-
SunnyVale's Remake of 80's and 90's Anime Song Masterpieces!
Danceable pop renovation of Anison classics.
No matter how popular they are, every song is unforgettable.
Contains nine tracks including new mix of three songs released as a single.

==Track List==
( Samples in MySound (in Japanese)
All released songs are remaseterd especially for this album.
01. Outcome no Policy (Sailormoon R) <1993>
03. Aoi Heart no Stranger -ESCAPE! Edit- (Machine Robo) <1986>
04. LOVE Sarigenaku (Creamy Mami) <1984>
05. Hitomi no Naka no Far Away -ESCAPE! Edit- (Five Star Stories) <1989>
06. Kimi wa Nagareboshi (Gambare! Kickers) <1986>
07. Yuuki 100% (Nintama Rantaro) <1993>
08. Wapiko Genki Yoho (Kingyo Chuiho) <1991>
09. STEP -ESCAPE! Edit- (Wataru) <1988>
Materia Blue jacket

point Materia Blue -Final Fantasy Dance Remix-
Dance remix for ever-lasting masterpieces of Final Fantasy series!
Including vocal arrangement of "Yuffie's Theme (FF7)", and trance remix of "Tina".

==Track List== sample crossfade (3:26/mp3/3.14MB)
01.Prelude 2007 -Introduction- [all]
sample 02.Bye Bye-Yuffie's Theme (FF7)- [VII]
sample 03.Tina [VI]
04.Final Fantasy V Main Theme [V]
sample 05.Balamb garden [VIII]
06.Itsuka owaru yume [X]
07.Final Fantasy -Our hymn-(New Recording) [all]
08.Prelude 2007 [all]

RiSing Star Jacket

point RiSing Star -SunnyVale Best-
is their first best album released in Apr. 2007, collecting SunnyVale's most popular 16 tracks
which are upbeat and high-energy eurodance songs in J-pop style.
Mixture of 90's electronic dance music and cute female vocal is here.

==Track List==
crossfade(2.75MB /mp3/ 4:01)
All released songs are remaseterd especially for this album.
01. Riding on The Wind
02. kareidscope
03. Stream Your Dream
04. Fruity Kiss -2007 Happy Version-
05. Above the Sky
06. SAKURA High NRG Mix
07. Rising Force
08. Shooting Star
10. Tell Me Your Fantasy (Final Fantasy IX)
11. Broken Wing -Thousand Year Memories-
12. Nagareru Omoi
13. White Diamond
14. Lovin' You - [the BEST of]
15. SunnyVale 16. I'll be with You

This album is sold through ! and Now, it's available at Apple iTunes.

Materia Blue jacket point Single Collection Vol.06 "Stream Your Dream"
Filled with the seven colorful pop tune! Enjoy the newest singles and
special versions of pre-released songs.

==Track List==
sample crossfade (3:26/mp3/3.14MB)
01. Wild Beat 
02. Stream Your Dream
03. Around The World in A Day
04. Pray On-line (ver.2.0)
05. Fundamental Love
06. Summer Holiday
07. Feel The Wind (Power Pop ver.)

This album is sold through !
and Now, it's available at Apple iTunes, etc!

shingu @ studio

from shingu We start to deliver directly to you!!
We accept paypal for the media copy and shipping/handling. The shipment charge may vary depending on the destination.
For instance, shipping/handling charge for US for a single CD is $4.
Please send the following info to

Email Real name Handle/nickname (if any)
Address (Street, City, State/Province)
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We will send detailed information via email. Any questions or queries are welcomed to send the same address.

from shingu CD IN STOCK. We ship immediately.

== Albums ==

RISE AGAIN -We Are United- ($12)
ESCAPE! -A Tribute to 80's & 90's- ($12)
Final Fantasy Dance Remix "Materia Blue" ($10)

== unit "Piccola felicita"  ==

Osakana Penguin no Theme x Yume no hiyoko" ($4)
::: Track List:::
01.Osakana Penguin no Theme 02.Yume no Hiyoko 03.A little happiness (inst.)


from shingu We are nominated at 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards!!

We have been nominated at this world-wide music event in the Asian song category.
More than 560K (!) songs are subimitted and luckily our "Feel the Wind (Power Pop Ver.)" has been listed as this year's nominiee.

Thank you for your support and we are very happy to announce this!

The show will be held at Nashville, TN on 29 Aug. Unfortunately, we cannot be there, but please check at their website for the details.

Thanks again!

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